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Unite with us to support those little hands by lending a helping hand.

The most economical approach to reduce extreme child poverty is to sponsor a child.
It not only takes care of a child's immediate bodily requirements, but it also helps
them become more confident and respect themselves.

Donate & Help
Let us together bring sunshine to the growing future of Africa

We put in a lot of effort to defend their fundamental human rights.
But without your help, none of this life-saving effort would be possible.

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Donate & Help
Build Child Scholars by providing disadvantaged kids access to education.

Neither of your services or money is little for each child in Africa to build their life out
of it.

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Help multifarious people with your little donation. Go Through Our Causes


As a result of our efforts, every donation you provide is guaranteed to reach those in need.

We know that donating to a charity is an important decision, and encourage you to fully research an organization before you donate we give you our complete assurance and guarantee.

No matter how tiny it is, your contribution is all they need.

Consider the impact access to basic education has made in your life. Imagine how many children and young people in Ortese village, and Africa in general, whose lives are negatively impacted due to lack of access to this fundamental human right – education. We cordially ask you to assist us in giving them access and empowerment.

Donation Drive For the children of Ortese village

With your support, together we will give a new start to the children of Ortese Village by making education affordable for them. By giving them education, you will help break the circle of poverty.


How you can help ?

Media Helping

Using various media outlets, you can spread word by talking to your friend to donate.

Become Volunteer

Help us with ideas for fundraising. Working with colleagues, staff and family members to support give to educate the poor is another way of volunteering for us.

Send Donation

Your donations can assist enhance access to healthcare and education, which will meet the needs of the children of Ortese village.

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What Donation Holders say

I have been impressed with the charity service that you work for people. I believe that your dedication to this work will reflect positive effects as it has generated volunteer hope in me to support the people who do not have enough food and shelter to live.

I appreciate the work that you do offer. Charity is the excellent work that you contribute to the healthcare of the poor and helps them take out from troubled.

The Education Foundation, St Mary’s Academy is a great organization helping educators so that they can help kids.